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Shelter Reservations


KC Parks reserves picnic shelters for small, private gatherings throughout the City.  Shelter reservations can be made for the current year, in-person or online, beginning at 7 a.m. the first business day of January.  

Walk-in reservations can be made at the following locations:

  • KC Parks District 3 Office, 6901 Elmwood Avenue in Swope Park, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Payment is by money order or company check only and must be paid in full when the reservation is made.
  • KC Parks Community Centers, link to list of locations>>
  • Loose Park Garden Center, 5200 Pennsylvania, (Loose Park shelter only).  Due to the Loose Trust for the park, food trucks are not allowed in Loose Park.  Groups renting the shelter may not hire food trucks for their event.

Shelters are available for rental from May 1 through October 31.  All reservations are for the entire day (9 a.m. to 10 p.m.).   KC Parks is not responsible for technical difficulties when reserving shelters online.

Reservations must be a minimum of three (3) days in advance for the date requested.  Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to the reserved date for refund. A $20 fee will be withheld for all shelter refunds.


If you are planning to CHARGE ADMISSION or PROMOTE EVENT TO THE PUBLIC, after securing the shelter, you MUST also get a park event permit. Please complete the online event request form

The shelter house will be cleaned on the morning of the reservation. However, although every effort will be made to maintain utilities, water and electrical services (where available) are not guaranteed.

If you will be having INFLATABLES at your shelter event (moon walks, bounce houses, slides, etc.), insurance is required as follows: Commercial general liability with limits of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate, written on an “occurrence” basis, listing the City of Kansas City, Missouri as the additional insured. Please provide proof of insurance a minimum of three (3) days prior to the event via fax (816-513-8936), by mail or in person to: Shelter Reservations, 6901 Elmwood, Kansas City, MO 64132.  Be sure and include your event date, location and name on shelter reservation.  Please note, INFLATABLES are NOT allowed in Loose Park.

Park Rules 101
Please help keep our parks clean. Place all trash in the containers provided. The reserving party will be held responsible for any destruction of park property. All signs, banners and/or any decorations erected relating to the event must be removed upon completion of the reservation day. Please be sure to keep all motorized vehicles off the grass at all times.

Sales of any kind are prohibited on park property. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on public property; Ordinance 39.390 (sec. 26.25). Glass bottles are prohibited within park property.

Call 816-513-8931 for more information regarding shelter house reservations.

The following is a list reservable shelters and the 2016 fee structure.
*Click on the shelter name for list of amenities and photo. 

Monday – Friday
Weekends/ Holiday
North District
Barry Road Park 7601 NW Barry Road $44 $75
Chouteau Greenway NE 43rd and Chouteau $44 $75
Hidden Valley Park NE Russell Road and Bennington Ave. $44 $75
Hodge Park 7000 NE Barry Road $44 $75
Penguin Park North Vivion Road and North Norton $69 $100
Central District
Blue Valley Shelter #1 23rd Street and Topping $44 $75
Blue Hills Park 53rd Street and Brooklyn $44 $75
Spring Valley Shelter 27th Street and Woodland $44 $75
The Grove 3001 E. Truman Road $44 $75
South District
Swope Park Bandstand Swope Park, Pavilion Road $95 $125
Swope Park Shelter #2 Swope Park, Starlight Road $69 $100
Swope Park Shelter #3 Swope Park, Pavilion Road $44 $75
Swope Park Shelter #7 Swope Park, 7500 Oldham $44 $75
Swope Park Shelter #10 Swope Park, 5650 E. Gregory $44 $75
Clark Ketterman Shelter 107th Street and Skiles $44 $75
Darter Park Shelter 105th Street and Hillcrest $44 $75
Loose Park Shelter 51st and Wornall $95 $125
Minor Park Shelter #1 1500 E. Red Bridge $44 $75
Sunnyside Park W. 83rd Street and Summit $44 $75
Tower Park Shelter #1 75th Street and Holmes $69 $100

Check Shelter Availability

The following is a list of shelters for which there is not a fee and no reservations.
These shelters are first-come, first served:
Ashland Square E. 23rd St. & Elmwood Ave.
Blue Valley #2 23rd Street and Topping
Blue Valley #3 23rd Street and Topping
Budd Park North St. John and Brighton
Budd Park South St. John and Brighton
Chouteau Park N.E. 46th Street and Chouteau Greenway
Dietrich Park Gillham Road and E. 27th Street
Dunbar Park 36th Street and Oakley
Hibbs Park E. 59th St. & Spruce Ave.
Ivanhoe Park E. 43rd St. & Brooklyn Ave.
Marlborough Parks 82nd Street and Brooklyn Ave.
Montgall Park 22nd Street and Agnes Avenue
Mulkey Square 13th and Summit Road
Noble Park E. 75th St. & Cleveland Ave.
Tower Park Shelter #2 75th Street and Cleveland
Penn Valley Park W. 28th and Kessler Road
Platte Purchase Park Shelter N.W. 100th St. & Platte Purchase Drive
Ruskin Way Park 114th Street and Ruskin Way
San Rafael Shelter Northeast 53rd Street and San Rafael Drive
Searcy Creek Park Northeast 53rd Street and Bennington Avenue
Seven Oaks Park 39th Street and Kensington
Sheffield Park E. 12th and Winchester
Spring Valley Shelter #2 27th Street and Woodland
Swope Park Shelter #4 Swope Park, Starlight Road
Swope Park Shelter #5 Swope Park, Zoo Drive
Swope Park Shelter #9 Shelter 9, Mall Drive
Sycamore Park 108th Street and Sycamore Avenue
Tower Park Shelter #2 75th Street and Holmes
Troost Lake 29th and Paseo
Vineyard Park 40th Terrace and Vineyard Drive
Vivion Road Backyard Garden N.E. 47th and N.E. Vivion Road
Warford Park 114th and Cleveland
Westwood Park #1 4700 Wyoming Street
Westwood Park #2 47th Street and State Line Rd.
Winner Park 8400 E. Independence
Winnwood Park N.E. 44th Street and North Cypress Avenue
For more information or questions, please call Shelter Reservations at 816-513-8931.